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As a part of our SPECIAL PROMOTION, we will send you 3 EZ Google Review Cards FREE of Charge. We only ask for $1.25 to help us with the shipping cost as an OPTIONAL. Make sure that you provide us your correct business address and mobile phone for account confirmation. Once we receive your info, give us up to 10 days to send you your EZ Google Review Cards.

How does it work?

Your EZ Google Review Cards were programmed with special QRCode to take your customers straight to your Google Review page. Your customers will be able to give you a rating in less than 1 minute. Please keep in mind that this is ethical and legal by all means.

What do we get out of this or why is this FREE?

After you have used our 3 FREE cards, most businesses will come back for more and we sell them at only $5 for each ONLY IF YOU NEEDED IT. We also offer other software and marketing services that you may need. EZREVIEWCARD.COM has been owned and operated by Digital Marketing Solutions LLC based in Grand Rapids, Michigan for over 20 years with a rating of A+ by the BBB since 2003.

How it Works?

  1. You submitted the required form below.
  2. We create the QR Code with your Google Review.
  3. We printed and then sent you the EZ Google Review Card (high quality plastic)
  4. You or your staff presented it to your customers.
  5. They, customers, use their mobile phone to scan and give you an instant Google Review.

How it Works?

  1. Bạn hoàn thành và nhập form dưới đây cho chúng tôi.
  2. Chúng tôi tạo QR Code với Google Review của tiệm bạn.
  3. Chúng tôi in (print) và gửi EZ Google Review Card cho bạn.
  4. Sau khi làm xong, quý vị đưa card này nhờ khách làm review.
  5. Khách dùng máy di đụng (mobile phone) và scan để làm review. Từ đầu đến cuối không quá hai phút.